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2nd July 2023: In Person Workshop- Movement, Medicine & Magic [ended]

Jul 2, 2023

Helical Healing & Good Vibes Healing present-

Movement, Medicine and Magic.

We will commence with gentle mindful movement based on the ancient practice of QiGong.

This will help us to experience connecting to Heaven and Earth; bringing our mind, our heart and belly into alignment. We will discover how our breath naturally synchronizes to our movement. We will learn how to reduce our tension and tightness and balance our Yin and Yang energies. As we transition into flowing movements we will feel lighter, clearer and ready to give and receive.

The movement section is the perfect Segway into our Cacao Circle. Ceremonial grade cacao is one of the oldest plant-based medicines. Nourishingly wholesome it opens us up to what we need to see.

Connected with our bodies through Qigong and with our hearts wide open with sacred cacao, we move into our magical Gong Yoga Nidra experience. Gong Yoga Nidra is the unique combination of the Gong and the guided process of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep); together these offer a powerful form of healing.

In our Gong Yoga Nidra session, through guided practices, you’re invited to bring awareness and relaxation to all five Yogic Kosas, supported by the otherworldly sounds of the Gong. Once we work our way through all five Yogic Kosas you’re then welcome to release and surrender to the sounds of the Gong through a deep Gong immersion experience.

You are then offered time and space for processing and integration and are encouraged to bring a journal along to support you in this.

For your comfort, please bring your own yoga mat and blanket along with any other physical comforts and supports you may need.

Please note: If you experience sound induced trauma or sound induced epilepsy, please contact Sherridan at

Date: Sunday 2nd July

Time: 1pm- 5pm

Location: Kangaroo Ground Centre. 25 Donaldson Rd, Kangaroo Ground

Energy exchange investment: $212 + booking fee