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this is my story


I am a mum


I am a grandmother.


And I AM unapologetically ME.

A combination of ancestral trauma and conditioning; I found myself chasing life experiences and achieving, to prove myself and feel worthy. The harm that was caused to my body was incredible. Decisions and life eventslead me to experience chronic neurogenic pain, gut issues, body image issues, insomnia, OCD/control issues, perfectionism, anxiety, AND the added suffering and symptoms of a mild spinal cord injury!

That was well over 15 years ago. Rather than continuously operate from a fight/ flight and freeze response; which meant a lot of co-dependent personal and professional relationships; I have been able to slowly heal myself of so much pain, and suffering and truly alchemise and really step into my authentic power.

It feels foreign for me to write about my past, as I no longer identify with the heavily conditioned person I was. After I let go of labels and stepped into my power, I was called to birth Helical Healing where I share and facilitate others to become their own healer…to alchemise and transform into their authentic self, and experience true freedom. 

On my healing path, I have been able to tune into the natural timing of life, to trust in universal rhythms and seasons in all aspects of life. 

Helical Healing is a safe space for you to learn and experience POWERFUL TOOLS which can empower you to BE you.

If this resonates, or something you are curious about book a discovery call and lets connect:)

Connect with myself and other like-minded and like-hearted souls and dive into your own unique healing journey.