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Helical Healing | Human Design and Gene Keys to unlock your true potential

learn to activate the healing power that is already within you

I welcome you to Helical Healing- a space where you can learn to activate the healing power that is already within you. YOUR INNATE INTELLIGENCE- the intelligence that lies within your DNA.

I am a passionate seeker and a sharer of knowledge.

From a Human Design perspective, I am a 3/5 Mental Projector, which means I am a very natural GUIDE, and I SEE deeply into YOU, the REAL you! This includes the barriers formed from your conditioning, limiting beliefs and a ‘knowing’ of what your subconscious is craving. I see very clearly what’s working for you and what’s simply no longer serving you. The lessons I have embodied have allowed me to join dots very quickly from many different perspectives.

Being a natural problem solver, I help others balance what can be consider as our three treasures; our Head, Heart and Gut.

The way I work is grounded in practicality.
I have an innate ability to assess, plan and help you to implement powerful tools which aid you in a direction that is in alignment with universal forces- to become the REAL YOU, your higher self! This is not a cookie cutter approach; I work alongside you.

The goal of our work together is to EMPOWER you. To journey towards feeling grounded and safe in your body providing the internal environment to expand and experience TRUE INNER FREEDOM. To truly embrace who you are.

The Four Pillars of Helical Healing:

What makes me qualified?

As a practitioner I have been helping others for almost 3 decades now.

I am a Chiropractic clinician and have directed my own multi-disciplinary practice for 26 years.

I have studied at post graduate level a 2-year intensive neuroplasticity course and understand what it takes to regulate a dysregulated nervous system, build better core stability physically, mentally and emotionally and THRIVE being you. After you read my story, you will see this comes not just from knowledge, but my real experience of pain and suffering.

I have a deep understanding of the human body – our vehicle for life!

Here, we are going to learn to

LISTEN to our BODY, because it is SMARTER than your MIND!

I am Trauma informed and utilize many other tools, including Human Design, Gene Keys, Mindful movement techniques, different forms of Meditation and other Neural Integration practices including my innate ability to join the dots and truly SEE and HEAR you. I love marrying up the spiritual realms with real life in the practical sense.

Over my years of clinical practice, observing others, and healing myself of MUCH suffering; I have realized I have a natural tendency to want to help others in a way which is empowering and awakening. I LOVE it!

You will discover the beautiful synchronicity between your head, your heart and your body. Discovering, honoring and listening deeply to your magical body which is where all your juicy wisdom lays. Helical Healing is where I can show you how to do this and BE who you are meant to be.

The value of this work is life changing! Not only will you be more aware of your subconscious patterns which are keeping you small and limited in your potential; you will have the tools to be more grounded and start to attract in the right people and experiences you need to step into your own unique full life that you were born to live.

Even if life is currently throwing a few curve balls, I invite you to reach out and book a discovery call and see how I can assist you.

Connect with myself and other like-minded and like-hearted souls and dive into your own unique healing journey.